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Ah, Cheese, glorious picture and videos wizardsofcheese. Really, what is better than delicious melty cheese sandwich on fine artisan bread? Not much, according to our exhaustive wizardly research. ( More new information here gloryholeswallow.com ) After hours spent poring over musty spell-books, Heavy Metal magazines, and Betty Crocker Free Livechat, we realized that all our love positions, cantrips, death-spells, and hexes couldn'thold a candle to the power of true grilled cheese magic. With this in mind, we cast our thoughts into the mortal plane, summoned a four wheeled chariot of cookery, and are now loose on the streets of seattle. Be vigilant, brave heroes - for when the wagon of the cheese wizards darkens your horizon, mighty cheese sorceries are close at hand, ready to be seized by those who hunger for greatness.

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